Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DIY Tuning Bench ver. 2.0

Finally sat down and started drawing out my new ski tuning table, thanks to a kick in the ass from my friend Nicholas who wants me to build one for him. A little more complex than the last but hopefully it will fold in half so it will be easy to store in a closet, yet still be sturdy enough for tuning. Like the last one it will have built in ski supports so there is no reason to buy vises or tie downs, but this time it will have sliding tracks for the tip and tail supports to facilitate varying sizes of skiis. After I finished the first bench I made a couple of small changes, the best being a tool/beverage holder which makes the whole process just that much more enjoyable. Another addition/change was installing two sliding T-tracks for the ski supports instead of plywood slots like the last one, which makes it easier to place the ski supports right where you want them. As well I found a cheap and reliable tie down system for when you really need to put some weight into scraping or filing, although I rarely use it because the ski support with rubber tops hold the skis very well. As well it looks pretty nice and catches 95% of the wax and metal scrapings, which is important when tuning ski's in your living room while your wife can see you!
Still have some work to do, check back later.